Graham honored by Urban League

Father Michael Graham, president, was recognized by the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio (ULGSO) last Thursday for his commitment to the Cincinnati community during his tenure at Xavier.  The ULGSO honored Graham and five other figureheads in the region at their 27th Glorifying the Lions Ceremony. This annual event highlights leaders over the age of 65 who have distinguished themselves in their personal and professional lives. Eddie Koen, president and CEO of the Urban League, noted his excitement about this year’s ceremony.  “We are excited to honor this group of Lions. These honorees have done so much to impact … Continue reading Graham honored by Urban League

Xavier bans offensive terms

By: Tatum Hunter ~Moldy Pancake~ The Xavier administration is ramping up its efforts to eliminate offensive language on campus and find more respectful alternatives. This project began a few years ago with the university’s official condemnation of one of the most offensive terms in contemporary parlance: freshman. “Calling someone a ‘freshman’ is extremely discriminatory,” said Sarah Rogers, director of Xavier’s Committee for the Ignoring of Actual Problems (CIAP). “This term implies that a student was a high school senior last year and will be a college sophomore next year. How would you like it if someone said that about you?” The … Continue reading Xavier bans offensive terms