Listen, Gary Johnson is a viable option for the presidency

By: Jeremiah Van Auken ~Guest Writer~ It only seems natural that the same year the Cubs are going to the World Series is the same year a third party candidate has a viable path to the White House. I never would have guessed that the first presidential election I vote in, I’d be voting for a Libertarian, and I most definitely would have never guessed I’d be proud to do it. Governor Gary Johnson has firmly secured my vote, and this is why. Throughout this election, Johnson has been the only presidential candidate willing to talk about the issues, willing … Continue reading Listen, Gary Johnson is a viable option for the presidency

Give Johnson a chance to debate

By: James Hogan ~Guest Writer~ The election is just over a month away with a lot of people still split or undecided, but one of the candidates will not be on stage for the debates leading into November. Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate and the former governor of New Mexico, has been barred from appearing in the presidential debates of 2016. The requirement for being a part of the debate is polling at 15 percent around Labor Day. Gary Johnson sits at about 10 percent nationally. Bear in mind, that 10 percent is roughly 22 million American citizens who have voiced … Continue reading Give Johnson a chance to debate