A centrist revolt against democracy

Just a few days ago, the Wall Street Journal joined the choir of embittered reactionaries denouncing the popular mobilization against Amazon, stating, “New York’s progressives … don’t know how to play (the) game.” Not too long after, articles emerged proclaiming how the popular, anti-establishment French Yellow Vests movement (a miracle by any standards) has been … Continue reading A centrist revolt against democracy

E/RS talk discusses implicit biases

Photo courtesy of questionbridge.com | An E/RS talk last week focused on the relationship among one’s unconsciously held beliefs, stereotypes and assumptions affecting behavior. The talk was lead by Dr. Michael Brownstein. The talk also discussed implicit biases that people can hold and how to combat and eradicate these biases. The E/RS talk “The Habitat Stance: … Continue reading E/RS talk discusses implicit biases

We are only our politics

Photo courtesy of Letsintern.com | Staff Writer Grayson Walker responds to "We are more than our politics" and argues that we are all inescapably political beings. Recently, the Newswire presented an article entitled "We are more than our politics," in which we were told of the complexity of the sacred individual – the multifaceted nature … Continue reading We are only our politics