Freshen your fits with fall fashion

By Griffin Brammer and Gus Nations IV, Show Manager and Staff Writer It’s finally that time of year. Leaves change colors, weather gets colder and, best of all, outfits get snappier.  From sweater and shorts combos to jackets and jeans, there’s no doubt that fall is the best time for fashion. This year, we are going to take you through what we’ve identified as some staple articles and outfits to keep you warm and stylish as the leaves start to fall — see what we did there? Tops  Sweaters: Would this even be a fall fashion guide if we didn’t … Continue reading Freshen your fits with fall fashion

U.S. officials condemn Saudi Arabian oil reduction

By Griffin Brammer, Show Manager President Joe Biden said he would take action against Saudi Arabia Tuesday, Oct. 11 after the Kingdom declared it would be cutting down on its crude oil production. “I’m not going to get into what I’d consider and what I have in mind. But there will be consequences,” President Biden stated. The Saudi Arabian officials’ decision was noted during an OPEC+ (Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries) meeting in Vienna, Austria. During said meeting, the Kingdom announced it would be cutting production costs by two million barrels per day. Saudi energy minister Abdulaziz bin Salman stated … Continue reading U.S. officials condemn Saudi Arabian oil reduction

DIFT awards

By Griffin Brammer, Newswire Live Show Manager Two Xavier alumni have been nominated for a California-based film award for their senior documentary. Fausto Scricca and Michael Culkin are 2021 graduates with degrees in Digital Innovation, Film and Technology (DIFT). Their film, “Got Nic?” received a nomination in the Documentary, Short or Feature category for the ETHOS Awards.  The ETHOS Awards are a Los Angeles and Santa Monica-based film festival and award ceremony created by filmmaker Annabelle Munro.  “The awards show has been running for four years and is run by Hollywood industry professionals,” Culkin explained.  “(Awards) are not exclusively given … Continue reading DIFT awards