Hoff raises ad prices

By: Tatum Hunter ~Editor-in-Chief Hoff Dining Commons is offering new, pricier advertising options for student groups. Under the old system, student organizations could pay $45 to have their ads displayed on the tables in Hoff for two weeks. Groups were expected to design and print their own advertisements. Students often printed poorly sized ads that were unusable for the table displays or were late distributing the ads, according to Hoff marketing director Jennifer Paiotti. Now, for $60, Hoff prints and distributes the ads, ensuring that they are the right size for the displays. It also offers complementary design services and … Continue reading Hoff raises ad prices

Hoff changes hamper Labre

By: Max Creager ~Staff Writer~ Last year Hoff Dining Commons, in conversation with previous Student Government Association members and the university, took away the 14 per week meal plan. The reason for the change comes from students who were unable to access the cafeteria at convenient times because the meal plan operated by set time parameters for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some students who visited the dining commons for an early dinner and desired to go back were unable because of the time constraints for the 14 per week plan. Hoff told the Newswire that students who did not use … Continue reading Hoff changes hamper Labre