Club Profile: Active Minds

By: Hollis Conners Active Minds is working to make the conversation about mental health, suicide prevention and stress relief a more approachable topic for Xavier students. They also want to continue to raise awareness of these topics to everyone on campus. This semester, Active Minds plans to take practical steps to fulfill this goal by hosting a number of events throughout the semester. It will also hold meetings for members to become more educated on the subject of mental health. Active Minds, along with Navigators and the Center for Faith and Justice, are hosting a luau, the group’s first major … Continue reading Club Profile: Active Minds

Xavier to transition to Canvas, suspend use of Blackboard

By: Hollis Conners A new learning management system, Canvas, is slowly being acclimated into classes and replacing Blackboard. Learning management systems such as Blackboard and Canvas are primarily used by professors to post and store materials related to the course. Students can also use the space to collaborate with one another on various assignments and class activities. A selection committee, which consisted of faculty, staff and students, reviewed a number of vendors during the summer. “Canvas was the run-away winner in design, mobility, open architecture, ease-of-use and overall faculty and student experience,” Tim Bucher, director of IT Projects and Planning, … Continue reading Xavier to transition to Canvas, suspend use of Blackboard

TEDx returns to Xavier

By: Hollis Conners Xavier recently hosted TEDx, a series of lectures with the theme, “Touching the hearts and minds of others through innovation, service and leadership.” TEDx took place on April 26 in Schiff Banquet Hall in Cintas Center. A major portion of the audience was Xavier alumni. Students, faculty and other selected members of the surrounding community were also able to attend. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, is a global, nonprofit  organization. It brings speakers to talk about their ideas and spread these ideas to those who attend. The talks never last longer than 18 minutes … Continue reading TEDx returns to Xavier