J.J. Abrams encourages more diversity in Hollywood

By: Katrina Gross ~Staff Writer~ Hollywood has always been wrought with controversy, both justifiable concerns and things that could be classified as simple gossip. The most recent scrutiny that Hollywood recently has been subject to criticisms that movies lack diversity relative to what the actual U.S. population looks like. Thus, a huge part of our country is underrepresented in the entertainment industry. The efforts to help Hollywood become more diverse are in response to hard facts about the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry. For example, despite the fact that approximately half of the movie-going population is non-white, only … Continue reading J.J. Abrams encourages more diversity in Hollywood

Opinion: The lesson Hollywood should learn

By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~ “Deadpool” is NOW one of the top grossing R-rated movies of all times. Everyone is praising its success, with many believing that future R-rated superhero movies will follow suit. One individual who has displayed concern about this is James Gunn, the director of “Guardians of the Galaxy.” After a Deadline Hollywood article quoted a Hollywood “suit,” Gunn responded on his Facebook page. According to the “suit,” one of the main reasons for “Deadpool’s” success was because “the film has a self-deprecating tone that’s riotous. It’s never been done before.” Gunn commented that this reasoning was … Continue reading Opinion: The lesson Hollywood should learn