Is Xavier protecting community or just avoiding controversy?

There are few issues as contentions and controversial as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. People’s emotions can sometimes get in the way of having civil discussions about it. It is still, however, important to discuss the conflict that the U.S. is so heavily involved in. Xavier University prides itself on being committed to social justice, inquiry, and involvement in communities of marginalized and oppressed people. However, when students try to bring awareness and start a dialogue on campus about potentially controversial issues, these ideals are set aside. My friend Zach Moeller and myself started a student organization this year called Students for … Continue reading Is Xavier protecting community or just avoiding controversy?

Israeli poet to hold reading, lecture

By: Maddie Day ~Staff Writer~ The Department of English will partner with Xavier’s Jewish Studies program to host Rachel Tzvia Back, an Israeli poet, translator and peace activist from Israel. Back will be hosting two events during the week of Sept. 8. The first event will feature a poetry reading by Back herself. She will also host a lecture on another Hebrew poet, Tuvia Ruebner. Back’s lecture, called “Illuminating the Dark: the Poetry & Poetics of Tuvia Ruebner,” will shed light on the central themes and principles of Ruebner’s poetry. Ruebner is considered a prolific voice of the Holocaust generation. … Continue reading Israeli poet to hold reading, lecture