Xavier recognizes student research

By: Jess Larkin ~Copy Editor~ More than 120 students and around 25 faculty members participated in various independent research projects that were presented in the Celebration of Student Research. The event played host to more than 80 posters and 15 oral presentations showcasing student research over the course of the summer and academic year. The presentations were given on April 10 as a way for students to display their year of research and hard work to the Xavier community and celebrate their academic successes. Junior and senior students were eligible to present their research at the event. The presentations and … Continue reading Xavier recognizes student research

Print management campaign advises students to cut back

By: Jess Larkin ~Copy Editor~ In Fall 2014, the Newswire reported an on-campus sustainability effort known as the “Cut Back, Don’t Cut Down” campaign that encouraged students to print fewer pages. The print management campaign aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of Xavier students by encouraging more mindful printing and less wastefulness. The print management team estimated that, last year alone, Xavier students printed more than four million pages. This large number led to the estimate that 525 trees were cut down to fulfill that demand. Students were individually emailed with information regarding their own printing habits during the Fall … Continue reading Print management campaign advises students to cut back

New Registration Guide

By: Jess Larkin ~Copy Editor~ With registration for next semester at a close, many students have experienced the stress of seeing that a required course is already filled. However, a new waitlisting system has been implemented to ease the process for frustrated students in the future. Xavier’s new waitlist system is much more streamlined and responsive this year. Students are now able to see where they are on the waitlist and are given 24 hours to register for the class when a seat opens. Students are waitlisted when registering for a closed class. If a “registration add error” appears on … Continue reading New Registration Guide