New Registration Guide

By: Jess Larkin ~Copy Editor~

With registration for next semester at a close, many students have experienced the stress of seeing that a required course is already filled. However, a new waitlisting system has been implemented to ease the process for frustrated students in the future.

Xavier’s new waitlist system is much more streamlined and responsive this year. Students are now able to see where they are on the waitlist and are given 24 hours to register for the class when a seat opens.

Students are waitlisted when registering for a closed class. If a “registration add error” appears on the screen while adding a class, it is likely that the class is closed. If a section is closed, students can change the status of their class from “closed” to “waitlisted.”

Here are some tips to help students with the new system:

—If the deadline to register after receiving the email passes and you are still interested in registering for the class, you may apply to the waitlist again.

—The waitlist will close after the seventh day of the spring and fall semesters. Refer to the summer calendar to see the waitlist deadlines.

—Be mindful of other classes that are available when on the waitlist for a course. Do not rely on registering for that one course. Luckily, you can still register for classes in the same time slot while on the waitlist because that waitlisted course is not officially registered.

—You may not register for the waitlist for two different sections of the same course.
—You can view your position on the waitlist by accessing your “detailed class schedule” in the Student Hub. The information will be noted under “waitlist position.”

—Not all courses will allow waitlists. It is up to the department to determine which classes will allow a waitlist.

—You cannot be added to a waitlist if there is a hold on your account.