Professor Profile: Dr. Dena Morton

By: Josh Stahl Dr. Dena Morton has been teaching at Xavier for over 14 years and she recently obtained full professor status.  Morton is from Buffalo, N.Y., and she took her graduate classes at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in mathematics. She is married to Jack Morton with three girls between the ages of four and 10. Morton teaches upper-level pure mathematics classes, such as abstract algebra. She also teaches a math class for non-math majors that, according to Morton, showcases the beauty of mathematics. She enjoys listening to modern, top 40 music and classical music, and her favorite color is … Continue reading Professor Profile: Dr. Dena Morton

Xavier students form Bird Watching Club

By: Josh Stahl The Xavier Bird Watching Club is one of Xavier’s newest additions. Club member and junior Rob Link told the Newswire that the purpose of the club is to educate Xavier students on the birds of the Midwest. Link added that the club also gives students a good reason to hike the various county, city and state parks in the Cincinnati area. Although the club is still very young, they have already added several bird feeders around campus, the most popular being just outside the Hoff Dining Hall. These bird feeders attract many species of local birds to … Continue reading Xavier students form Bird Watching Club