Sexual assault case prompts pushback

By: Hannah Sgambellone ~Staff Writer~ As a result of the Brock Turner controversy, there has been a push to raise awareness of sexual assault. However, additional campaigns advocating for the rights of those accused of committing sexual assault have popped up as well. Recently, a conservative nonprofit called Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) issued a proposal for the removal of university guidelines for rape and sexual assault, stating the specific guidelines infringe upon the rights of those accused of sexual assault. However, the FBI estimates that less than 10 percent of reported sexual assaults are false accusations. SAVE analyzed … Continue reading Sexual assault case prompts pushback

Xavier Theatre confronts slut-shaming

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~ During her appearance at the Academy Awards, Joe Biden came out in support of Lady Gaga’s fight against sexual assault on Feb. 29. The vice president opened Gaga’s performance of “Till it Happens to You” with a speech about joining the fight against sexual assault on college campuses. Biden’s message added to fervor about this topic on campuses across the nation, and Xavier University’s theater department is no exception. Xavier Theatre is starting off its 2016-2017 season with a show called “Slut Shaming.” The show was the 2014 Artist’s Choice show for Cincinnati Fringe Festivals, … Continue reading Xavier Theatre confronts slut-shaming

University revamps sexual violence advocacy

By: Charlotte Cheek ~Staff Writer~ According to a study by CNN, 23 percent of women report sexual assault in college. Paisley Scarberry, who works in Xavier’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion, said that Xavier’s statistics on gender-based violence match the national average. After the university closed its Womens Center in 2013, the center’s services were absorbed into the Multicultural, Gender and Women’s Center. This rebranded as the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in fall 2015. Xavier also hired full-time Title IX Coordinator Kate Lawson in 2013 after the university was placed under federal monitoring for its handling of sexual assault … Continue reading University revamps sexual violence advocacy