By: Jessica Griggs ~Campus News Editor~ Xavier basketball player JP Macura was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing official justice last week at an Oakley bar. Macura, 20, was at RP McMurphy’s bar when he allegedly pulled his pants down and then presented responding police officers with a fraudulent I.D. In a complaint filed by police, Macura, who was named the Big East 6th Man of the Year earlier this month, was allegedly “making unreasonable noise or an offensively coarse utterance, gesture or display or communicating unwarranted and grossly abusive language.” The I.D. that Macura gave to the police … Continue reading MACURA ARRESTED, CASE TO FOLLOW

XUPD battles driving dangers

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~ According to the U.S. government’s official website for publishing statistical analyses about distracted drivers, 3,179 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2014 and 431,000 people were injured. The largest contributing factor, related to at least 38 percent of these instances, was texting. For this reason, on April 7 and 8, Xavier Police, in conjunction with the Hamilton County Safety Committee, American Automobile Association (AAA), the Cincinnati Fire Department and Xavier University theatre will host an event to address the problem of texting while driving. Kelly Leon, Xavier’s News Correspondence, titled the event, “Xavier Students … Continue reading XUPD battles driving dangers

Reflecting on riots, fifteen years later

By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~ In 2001, Cincinnati was home to the largest race riots in the U.S. since the Rodney King riots in 1992. This event occurred while Xavier students were away for spring break, and a discussion was held with them upon their return. Xavier’s Father Graham, Gene Beaupre and Kelly Leon played a major role in easing tension among community leaders and the police in the following year. These same leaders now invite Xavier students to a conversation where they can learn about the events that occurred in 2001 and Xavier’s role in them. “When we had … Continue reading Reflecting on riots, fifteen years later