Bunbury releases this year’s line up

By: Kyle Daniels ~Staff Writer~  The music festival that has taken the Cincinnati summer to new levels is returning this year, with an all new setup and a more diverse lineup. PromoWest Productions, which has done similar festivals in Columbus and Pittsburgh, bought the rights to Bunbury in 2014 and has implemented a new festival system for this summer. The festival will still take place at Sawyer’s Point, but will now feature two main stages and two smaller stages instead of one main stage and five smaller stages. This new setup will allow festival goers to see more acts and … Continue reading Bunbury releases this year’s line up

‘The Life of Pablo’ looks at West’s storied career

By: Kyle Daniels ~Guest Writer~ Taylor Swift is raging on the Grammy stage, West is claiming $53 million dollars of debt, and “The Life of Pablo” has been pirated over 500,000 times. Ye- politics aside, “The Life of Pablo” reminds us why this man is liked by so many, and seen as an artistic inspiration to others. The album brings in a number of outside artists; old favorites like Kid Cudi and new artists, Desiinger and fellow Chicago artist, Chance the Rapper. West takes this album in a new direction. It feels like a compendium of the lessons West has … Continue reading ‘The Life of Pablo’ looks at West’s storied career

Xavier Theatre triples the dazzle with its shows

By: Tyler Ferrari ~Guest Writer~ The Xavier University theatre department took a big risk when they decided to experiment with repertory theater, with having three shows performed over two weeks. The undertaking is an amazing accomplishment for the department. Maya Farhat, Mac Blais and Eric Minion star as Emma, Jerry and Robert respectively in “Betrayal.” The trio put on perfect British accents throughout the show as they tell a tale of deceit, friendship and loves gained and lost. Bruce Cromer masterfully directs the show, effectively conveying the undertones of “Betrayal” through body language. A hilarious bit with Micah Price as … Continue reading Xavier Theatre triples the dazzle with its shows