Bunbury releases this year’s line up

By: Kyle Daniels ~Staff Writer~ 

Photo courtesy of bunburyfestival.com | Every year, Bunbury music festival brings in thousands of attendees to its concert, which takes place along the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati throughout Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove.

The music festival that has taken the Cincinnati summer to new levels is returning this year, with an all new setup and a more diverse lineup.

PromoWest Productions, which has done similar festivals in Columbus and Pittsburgh, bought the rights to Bunbury in 2014 and has implemented a new festival system for this summer.

The festival will still take place at Sawyer’s Point, but will now feature two main stages and two smaller stages instead of one main stage and five smaller stages. This new setup will allow festival goers to see more acts and offers less confusion for scheduling purposes.

Along with the new setup, PromoWest has diversified the lineup for a wider audience. Previously, Bunbury featured mostly alternative and indie artists like MGMT, Paramore and the Black Keys. This year, expanding on last year’s lineup, Bunbury will feature a number of different artists, bringing in rappers Big Boi, with his latest project Big Grams and Ice Cube. The diversification of the lineup will draw a larger crowd to the festival and take it a step closer to other musical festivals, such as Firefly and Lollapalooza.

The lineup for this year’s festival transcends decades and genres, bringing in artists from all walks. The headliners, The Killers, Florence + The Machine and Mudcrutch, Tom Petty’s most recent band, are big names that promise to deliver memorable performances for those in the audience.

Behind the headliners are a number of noteworthy artists ready to take over the stage at Bunbury. Indie and nuevo 80’s pop band, HAIM, is sure to wow the audience. After checking out HAIM, make sure you bring your sweaters to see The Neighborhood’s performance, which promises to send shivers down your spine.

Tears for Fears, famous for their songs “Mad World” and “Everyone Wants to Rule the World,” bring some mellow oldies into the lineup and a reprieve from the higher energy acts. Big Grams and Ice Cube are a mustsee for any hip-hop head looking to get his or her fix at the festival.

For any Killers fans that attend, make sure to check out The Wombats, a British rock band that’s half Arctic Monkeys and half Killers. With a diverse and energy-packed lineup, Bunbury is sure to impress and entertain this summer.

To see the full lineup and buy tickets, check out bunburyfestival. com. A three day pass costs $169 and one day tickets are $89. The full schedule has not been released yet, so keep checking the Bunbury website for further updates.