Phantogram concert proves band’s prowess

By: Kyle Grim ~Staff Writer~   Frequently hailed as one of the best up and coming bands, Phantogram lived up to the hype during its last concert. This past Sunday, New York electronic duo Phantogram put on a spec­tacle at the 20th Century Theater. The group combined both music and visuals to cre­ate a unique concert experience. The band opened up with a song that cannot be found on any of its albums, simply called “Intro.” It got the show started off with a big bang, featuring a hypnotic guitar riff from guitarist Josh Carter. With Sarah Barthel’s vocals melting … Continue reading Phantogram concert proves band’s prowess

Billie Joel and Norah Jones dissapoint with “Foreverly”

By: Kyle Grim Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones team up in what is the most unlikely duo album of the year. “Foreverly” is a reinterpretation of the Everly Brothers’ album, “Songs Our Daddy Taught Us.” While it is evident that there was some excitement from Armstrong and Jones in making this album, it still comes across as boring and uninspired. The main complaint against the album is the way that the voices are mixed. Armstrong’s voice tends to overshadow Jones’. While his voice is great for Green Day’s punk material, it seems a little off in Americana songs. Jones … Continue reading Billie Joel and Norah Jones dissapoint with “Foreverly”

New Grouplove album delivers

By: Kyle Grim The indie pop band, Grouplove, recently released its second album, “Spreading Rumours.” The band dominated the radio last summer with the hit single “Tongue Tied,” which received significant airplay. The band’s second album, much like its first, contains an infectious batch of songs. The songs of “Spreading Rumours” are upbeat, poppy and perfect for summertime driving. Sadly, since winter is coming, the true potential of the album will not be realized for a few months. However, that does not mean that the album is bad. “Ways to Go” contains a percussive synthesizer beat, with minimal instrumentation during … Continue reading New Grouplove album delivers