Looking Forward

By: August Dice ~Guest Writer~ Yesterday marked the end to the first month of 2017; a month that has left the rest of the world, and many amongst ourselves, looking towards the United States and thinking, “Well, that it is quite a kerfuffle.” As we enter February, we are given the rare opportunity to sway how this time in our history will be seen. How the next few weeks unfold will stand as a precursor to the next few years and beyond. Thus I think it is rather fitting that not only is February Black History Month, but that nestled … Continue reading Looking Forward

Creating a less-biased Xavier for all

BART leads discussions about important dialogue By: Bias Advisory and Response Team (BART) Certainly we all have biases, right? The answer to this rhetorical question is yes we all do indeed hold conscious or implicit biases or stereotypes that can negatively affect people we interact with everyday, whether in the office, classroom, residence hall, student organizations or on the playing field. Bias incidents happen to all kinds of people, yet something can be done to “de-bias” ourselves, as coined by MTVs’ seven-day race and gender bias cleanse. And so Xavier created BART to respond to and help prevent bias incidents … Continue reading Creating a less-biased Xavier for all

Not what God had in mind A message to Christian conservatives

By: Jonathan S. Hogue ~Opinions & Editorials Editor~ On the surface, Christianity is not a difficult religion. God gave man a simple instruction: Love each other. That is our only responsibility. The role of judge ultimately belongs to God. Simple enough, right? When listening to politicians, county clerks and conservative personalities speak about Christianity, I think some people forget where they fall in the judge/sinner relationship that is essential to the religion. Recently, America was introduced to a new judge, the “heroic” Kentucky Rowan County Clerk, Kim Davis. In opposition to the recent US Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, … Continue reading Not what God had in mind A message to Christian conservatives