New Spider-Man movie is the origin story we didn’t know that we needed

By Caroline Palermo, Staff Writer *WARNING: SPOILERS* In many ways, Spider-Man: No Way Home feels like a nostalgic trip. At nineteen, I found myself sitting between my brothers in a dark theater. As a child, I spent my Saturday mornings right next to the same brothers watching Pokemon, Ben 10 and most importantly, the Spider-Man cartoons. On my right, my younger brother sat there with his box of Raisinets like he had four years ago when we watched Homecoming, the movie that cemented Tom Holland as our favorite Peter Parker. And so, the three of us spent the next 148 minutes in a haze of nostalgia, … Continue reading New Spider-Man movie is the origin story we didn’t know that we needed

Winter Soldier proves to be a Win for Disney+

By Aidan Callahan, Back Page Editor The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has come to an end, and now all episodes are available to stream on Disney+. Keeping in line with my WandaVision review, I am going to offer up a spoiler-free review for those who haven’t seen it yet, and then a look back for those of us who have.   Spoiler-Free Review This show is for you if you love explosive action, the classic buddy-cop formula, heavy-hitting political themes or any combination of the three.   The action takes up a lot of screen time, but they make sure it’s … Continue reading Winter Soldier proves to be a Win for Disney+

Marvel starts “All-New, All-Different” campaign

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~ Starting this month Marvel will be releasing several new series that will entirely change its traditional character affiliations. While Marvel has gone in different directions with characters in the past, what is typical in these instances is a “retcon,” otherwise known as a contrived plot device used in order to set comic book storylines back to their respective status quo. As of late, Marvel has been experimenting quite liberally with character identities, but rather than moving in the direction of a retcon, they are instead moving in a more dynamic direction with their, “All-New, All-Different” … Continue reading Marvel starts “All-New, All-Different” campaign