Coalition fights campus sexual assault

By: Nick Bergeman ~Staff Writer~ Sexual and gender-based violence have long been pervasive on college campuses, but Cincinnati wants to change that. City Councilmember P. G. Sittenfeld announced at a press conference on Sept. 15 that he is teaming with area universities, Women Helping Women and area law enforcement to establish the Cincinnati Task Force to Reduce Campus Gender-Based Violence. In June 2015, The Washington Post-Kaiser Foundation national survey found that one in five women and one in 20 men report being sexually assaulted in college since 2011. The study elaborated that many of these cases go unreported, with even … Continue reading Coalition fights campus sexual assault

Letter to the Editor

As student leaders at Xavier, we read Meredith Beamer’s letter to the Editor in last week’s Newswire with a mix of excitement, encouragement and new awareness. The excitement came from reading the words of a fellow Xavier student who shares our passion for creating a safer campus community. We were encouraged to know that others agree that now is the time to become educated on these issues and support each other. We also came to the awareness that we must be tireless in our efforts to keep our student body informed of new initiatives already underway to implement bystander engagement at … Continue reading Letter to the Editor