Life after college: the Great Unknown

It is a question that has plagued theologians, philosophers and scientists for decades — nay, centuries. We’ve all heard the quack re¬ports, but really, how could any rational-minded person take them seriously? The “alumni sightings” in offices, bars, graduate schools and open cornfields at night are clearly just deranged hallucinations. The older siblings who graduated and supposedly still live on — how is it they never seem to show their ghostly visages on campus? We all hear stories, we see the news reels, we hear pretty tales about jobs and advanced degrees and eating grapes on pillows of clouds in … Continue reading Life after college: the Great Unknown

Today’s avant-garde art

I’m often told that my taste in music is “out there.” I happen to enjoy a lot of modern experimental music, ranging from sacred minimalist composers such as Arvo Part to alternative electronica, along with everything in between. People are bewildered: how can you listen to that? It’s not really music. It’s too different. It’s just weird. That’s when I try to remind such critics that cultural darlings like Beethoven and The Beatles were labeled in exactly the same way at various points in their careers. They broke with established forms and did things differently, and it took time to … Continue reading Today’s avant-garde art