Myles Davis leaves program after abbreviated return

By: Paul Fritschner ~Staff Writer~ It was a tumultuous offseason for senior guard Myles Davis, to say the least. About one week after the academic year commenced, Myles was suspended from the basketball team indefinitely. After missing 15 games, he was reinstated during the postgame press conference on Jan. 7. Since returning to the team, he had only scored two points (both at the free throw line) and had not made a shot from the field, going 0-8 including 0-6 from beyond the arc. It wasn’t exactly the jolt of offense the struggling Musketeers were looking for out of their … Continue reading Myles Davis leaves program after abbreviated return

Myles Davis rejoins program

By: Paul Fritschner ~Staff Writer~ Saturday, Coach Mack answered questions for about 10 minutes in his postgame press conference. He was giving thorough answers reflecting on the day’s game and where the team stands as a whole when he completely shifted gears. After answering the final question, he reached across the table, grabbed a piece of paper and delivered an unexpected announcement to Musketeer fans: Myles Davis, after a 129-day, 15-game indefinite suspension, would be reinstated to the basketball team. “I think he needs to continue to make good choices in order to keep his standing within our program,” Mack … Continue reading Myles Davis rejoins program

Davis suspended indefinitely after criminal charges

By: Henry Eden ~Campus News Editor~ Xavier basketball senior guard Myles Davis has received an indefinite suspension from the team as of Thursday. The decision comes following a new misdemeanor criminal damaging charge filed against Davis in addition to previous charges filed by his former girlfriend, Kiley Stoll. “Myles is suspended indefinitely from all basketball-related activities,” head basketball coach Chris Mack said. “Playing basketball for Xavier is a privilege, and we have high expectations for how our student-athletes represent our university. Unless Myles meets those expectations he will not be a part of our program.” These charges come following an … Continue reading Davis suspended indefinitely after criminal charges