Davis suspended indefinitely after criminal charges

By: Henry Eden ~Campus News Editor~

Photo courtesy of cincinnati.com | Senior guard Myles Davis may not return to the basketball program after he was suspended indefinitely on Sept. 1 following misdemeanor charges.

Xavier basketball senior guard Myles Davis has received an indefinite suspension from the team as of Thursday.

The decision comes following a new misdemeanor criminal damaging charge filed against Davis in addition to previous charges filed by his former girlfriend, Kiley Stoll.

“Myles is suspended indefinitely from all basketball-related activities,” head basketball coach Chris Mack said. “Playing basketball for Xavier is a privilege, and we have high expectations for how our student-athletes represent our university. Unless Myles meets those expectations he will not be a part of our program.”

These charges come following an incident on July, in the parking lot of Dana Gardens, near campus. The complaint filed claimed that Davis had become aggravated with Stoll and threw a cell phone owned by Stoll’s father at the sidewalk. Davis is alleged to have struck and dented the driver’s side door of Stoll’s car as well. The complaint states that these events occurred following a “discussion about the ending of their relationship.”

Following the new charges, a warrant was issued for Davis’ arrest during the week of Aug. 21. He was expected to turn himself in the following Monday.

Clyde Bennett, Davis’ attorney, commented on Davis’ innocence regarding the alleged incident.

“There was no intent by Mr. Davis to harm any property. He’s not guilty of the charges, and we look forward to our day in court,” Bennett said.

Bennett entered a not-guilty plea to the property damage charges issued regarding Stoll’s cell phone. These claims stated that Davis had “knowingly caused damage to the victim’s HTC cell phone valued at $200.”

After accusing Davis of threatening her physically and allegedly attempting to break through her windows, Stoll received protection by the Kenton County District Court. The protective order against Davis ordered that he not come within 500 feet of Stoll, except while on the school’s campus, where he will not be allowed within ten feet of her.

In documents filed on July 8, Stoll claimed Davis had broken five of her cell phones, also that Davis continued attempts to contact her following the incident, against her wishes. Another claim stated that Davis’ mother had also attempted to contact Stoll.

The university refuses to comment further on the matter until Davis’ status changes.