Mavericks become involved in national anthem controversy

WRITTEN BY: Will Pembroke, Multimedia Show Manager Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made the decision to stop playing the national anthem before Mavericks’ home games this month.  Cuban said that while he appreciates the anthem — and always stands with his hand over his heart while it is played — others in the Mavericks organization and across the country do not feel “The Star Spangled Banner” represents them.  The Mavericks hosted ten home games without playing the anthem, and they did not face any national media backlash. However, once the public recognized this alteration, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reinforced the … Continue reading Mavericks become involved in national anthem controversy

Why Colin Kaepernick is not wrong

By: Trever McKenzie ~Copy Editor~ I know nothing about sports. I just played basketball for the first time on Saturday, which I immediately regretted because I was so sweaty. The only thing I know about the NFL is that it stands for National Football League. However, I was drawn into the world of sports yet again when I saw a video of a man lighting a red Jersey with “Kaepernick” written across the neckline in white letters. ablaze I wasn’t fazed by the video – it wasn’t the first time I had seen a sports fan light something on fire, … Continue reading Why Colin Kaepernick is not wrong