Crisis in Crimea: on the brink of war?

Crimea, Ukraine. Until a couple of weeks ago, it was a small, unremarkable and unknown region for most Americans outside academic circles. But after the rising unrest in Kiev, Ukraine, Crimea made headlines as it voted on a referendum to secede and join Russia. The referendum was a move that was internationally denounced by the European Union, United States and Ukraine. But Russia embraced it both to punish Ukraine, whose revolution ousted a pro-Russian government, and to bolster and grow Russian power and interest. Yet this isn’t the first time Russia has played this game. In 2008, Georgia lost regions … Continue reading Crisis in Crimea: on the brink of war?

What you missed over break

By: Andrew Koch ~Campus News Editor~ Xavier students may have been on vacation, but the world did not rest. Here is a collection of some of the biggest headlines from the past month. Bombings rock Volgograd Two suicide bombers killed 32 people on Dec. 29 and Dec. 30 in Volgograd, a city in southern Russia. The Caucasus Emirate, an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist and separatist group, claimed responsibility for the attacks, which took place in a railway station and on a trolley bus. The attacks have raised questions about the Russian government’s ability to protect spectators of and athletes in the upcoming … Continue reading What you missed over break

Left, Right and Satire

2014. It is the year for midterm elections. In about 10 months we will go to polling places and give our voice to the democratic system. That is, if we go at all. But should we go if we don’t stay tuned in with global and national events? Our votes should be informed, of course. Casting votes blindly is irresponsible. And this year we are electing our senators, representatives and governors. It is not as sexy as a presidential election, but it is more important. Congress is the lawmaking body of our country, and our choices here will have the … Continue reading Left, Right and Satire