NHL regular season ready for start

By: Luke Feliciano ~Staff Writer~ The 2016-2017 NHL season is fast approaching, with the first regular season games slated for Oct. 12. Here is a preview of the teams to keep an eye on. In the East, the Pittsburgh Penguins are looking to defend their Stanley Cup Championship, finding themselves well armed with the personnel to have a re- By Luke Feliciano Staff Writer peat performance. They have one of the best playmakers in the game, Sidney Crosby, and a brute force at center in Evgeni Malkin. Pair this with the fairly recent additions of veteran Phil Kessel and the … Continue reading NHL regular season ready for start

NHL playoffs heat up

By: Andrew Utz ~Staff Writer~ Now that we are almost done with the first round of the 2016 NHL playoffs, fans can get a good look at who has the momentum to continue on winning throughout the finals. Starting in the East, the Panthers have dropped a game against the Islanders, a wild card team, who snuck in wins away and at home. Two overtime losses have Florida scrambling for an away win to extend the series. Veteran Jaromir Jagr hasn’t made a dent in the series, extending his post-season goal drought to 32 games. If the Islanders want to push … Continue reading NHL playoffs heat up

Checking in on the NHL

By: Andrew Utz ~Staff Writer~ The NHL has been heating up the ice recently with recordbreakers and crazy deals across the league. First off, the Chicago Blackhawks have turned a mediocre season into one that many consider to be another potential Stanley Cup-winning season. They currently lead the Central division by 5 points. Forward Patrick Kane broke NHL records by registering points across 26 games, elevating the Hawks to 15 wins during the streak. He set a new record for both American and Blackhawk players, and it is the longest point streak by an active NHL player. The overall record … Continue reading Checking in on the NHL