Manresa welcomes first-year students

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ Xavier welcomed first year students to campus once again with the annual Manresa orientation program. This year’s program saw some familiar aspects as well as many new ones. “Some of the main highlights from Manresa include some of our traditional events such a s the Presidential Welcome and Community Celebration where parents and families say goodbye to their first-year students our Real World: Xavier Social Issues Monologues, a performance by illusionist Craig Karges and our huge icebreaker, Playfair,” Manresa Core Member Colin Foos said. There was much more focus on the inclusivity of the Xavier … Continue reading Manresa welcomes first-year students

Xavier welcomes Class of 2018: Student leaders prepare for Manresa

By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Managing Editor~     Every class of Xavier students spends its first days on campus completing the Manresa orienta­tion program, which is designed to initiate students into the Xavier community. While first-year students will not arrive on campus until Aug. 20, the Office of Student Involvement and student coordinators have been working for months on the ori­entation program. The Newswire sat down with the Manresa Core team, a group of students responsible for coor­dinating the four-day program, to learn more about Manresa and what its organizers hope incom­ing students will gain from it. Xavier Newswire: What do … Continue reading Xavier welcomes Class of 2018: Student leaders prepare for Manresa