Classical Piano Series

By: Nick McGill ~Sports Editor~ Acclaimed pianist Bruce Brubaker discusses his passion In anticipation for the Music Series piano concert on Feb. 8, the Newswire sat down with Bruce Brubaker to learn more about his career, what pieces he will be performing and what it takes to become a professional musician. Xavier Newswire: For those of us on campus and in the Xavier community we now have access to the Xavier Music Series, which highlights great performers. What has come to be the greatest joy as a concert pianist? Bruce Brubaker: The reaction of people to music is strong. When … Continue reading Classical Piano Series

O’Riley enraptures

By: Liz Slocum ~Staff Writer~ Professional pianist and radio host Christopher O’Riley made an appearance at the Gallagher Student Center Theatre. O’Riley is known to the public not only as a piano recitalist, but also as the host of popular classical radio show, “From the Top,” which introduces new Classical music performers. The show has been going on for 15 years and currently reaches audiences through more than 200 radio stations every week. For his Sept. 28 performance, O’Riley announced his own songs to the audience, making the performance a personal and intimate experience. Between songs, he took the time … Continue reading O’Riley enraptures