An open letter from AARA

To the Xavier community: Aspiring Anti-Racist Allies (AARA) is an affinity group of approximately fifty self-identified White staff, faculty and alumni who want to become anti-racist, anti-supremacist allies and examine our own ideas about race and racism. We meet every other week to discuss readings and current events. Our focus is on challenging ourselves and other White people to take responsibility for racist oppression. We welcome opportunities to communicate, collaborate and build relationships with people of color to challenge racism together. As such, we are writing this open letter in response Jeff Coleman and Dave Johnson’s letter to students regarding … Continue reading An open letter from AARA

Chauvin convicted for the murder of George Floyd

Xavier professor speaks to the need for systemic change By Joseph Cotton, Education & Enrichment Coordinator Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts for the murder of George Floyd on Wednesday. He was convicted for two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter in the second degree. He is facing up to 40 years in prison and his sentencing hearing is set for mid-June.  “We’ve developed the mindset in this country that you can’t hold police accountable because if you do so, you are anti-police,” Floyd family attorney Chris Stewart said. “It doesn’t matter if you have … Continue reading Chauvin convicted for the murder of George Floyd

Xavier teams up with the Ohio Innocence Project

Written by: Chloe Salveson, Staff Writer In collaboration with the Ohio Innocence Project (OIP), several Xavier programs co-hosted an event about criminal justice reform last Wednesday. Now, Xavier is actively working to start a new chapter of the OIP at the university.  Co-sponsored by Xavier’s Pre-Law Program, the Pre-Law Society, the Psi/Chi Psychology club, and the Criminal Justice Society, students were joined by exoneree Laurese Glover in a conversation about his own exoneration as a means to examine the current judicial system. Glover, an exoneree who was found guilty of murder due to witness misidentification in 1995, discussed his experiences … Continue reading Xavier teams up with the Ohio Innocence Project