Xavier taught me to balance it all

By: Ray Humienny ~Campus News Editor~ A part of growing up is realizing you’re not a kid anymore – physically, at least. To attest to this, I’ve barred any media that contains the terms “graduation,” “adulthood” or “grace period” from entering my cerebral cortex. As an added precaution, I’ve figuratively buried myself with enough physical and … Continue reading Xavier taught me to balance it all

DIFT majors premiere original films

By: Raymond Humienny ~Campus News Editor~ As thesis defenses and student research come to a close, the Digital Innovation Film and Television (DIFT) program will celebrate its senior film festival, a formal viewing party for the films senior students work all year to make. Television studio director Blis DeVault knows firsthand how much labor her students … Continue reading DIFT majors premiere original films


By: Raymond Humienny ~Campus News Editor~ A trademark quality of the scientific method is that you will always start with a question and invariably end with another question. For assistant director of admission Dan Marschner this process unfolded as it naturally does. Last semester, Marschner sent out an online survey to more than 4,000 Xavier … Continue reading INTERNATIONALIZATION AND SOCIAL ISOLATION