Fifty shades: celebrating unhealthy sex

Ana and Grey’s relationship isn’t romanic, so why do we love it so much? Let’s face it; we live in an age of a multi-billion dollar Internet porn industry, discreet naughty-toy shipping and hundreds of apps that far surpass Tinder’s sexual connotation. All these things provide outlets for our curiosity about BDSM. “Fifty Shades of Grey” provided women with the unique opportunity to explore this lifestyle, albeit vicariously. I think what often gets mixed up is women’s liberty to read and enjoy a highly sexualized story like this and the implicit narrative of sexual manipulation. You’d think those would be … Continue reading Fifty shades: celebrating unhealthy sex

The bisexual caricature

Nothing is hotter than a bisexual woman. Not only do they like having sex with men, but they might just make out with a girl before they fulfill your every fantasy, right? Where did this caricature come from? Each letter in the LGBTQIA spectrum has its own struggles that it must face, and a personal struggle of mine is with the misconception that a bisexual woman is either a hypersexualized porn star or an experimental college girl that you could never bring home for Thanksgiving. Lord knows she would probably hit on mum and dad, the saucy little minx. I … Continue reading The bisexual caricature

Letter to the Editor: the fight for marriage equality is not as simple as it seems

By: Samantha Meza Editor’s note: this letter responds to Andrew Del Bene’s column last week, “Marriage equality: a different perspective.” I found the editorial entitled “Marriage equality: a different perspective” to be quite unsettling. I will dissect exactly why I am bothered enough by this editorial to write such a fervent response by breaking the writer’s thesis into three parts: “…while there is1) a natural social progression towards 2) tolerance and equality, the fight for 3) marriage equality is, in fact, a redefinition of marriage.” 1) The columnist writes, “Proponents argue that marriage equality is yet another step in the … Continue reading Letter to the Editor: the fight for marriage equality is not as simple as it seems