The pains with interracial dating

By: Abrena Rowe ~Copy Editor~ Growing up, I was surrounded by interracial relationships because it was the norm in my family. As a child, I was never discouraged from having friends or crushes on people outside of my race. My family was nothing but supportive of my friendships and romantic preferences. The naysayers were found amongst my peers. It’s not that I exclusively date outside of my race. I’ve actually only ever officially dated within my race, but there is no doubt that my attractions stray outside the confines of the Black community. So why is it whenever I bring … Continue reading The pains with interracial dating

#WhyIStayed spurs conversation on campus

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~ On Sept. 8 2014, Beverly Gooden started a social media revolution after she watched the videos of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his wife Janay Palmer hard enough to knock her unconscious. A survivor of abuse herself, Gooden came to Xavier on March 24 to share her story and discuss the realities of domestic abuse. Gooden read tweets that blamed and questioned Palmer for not leaving. She was motivated by these tweets to prove that leaving an abusive relationship is harder than walking out the door forever. After tweeting reasons for why she … Continue reading #WhyIStayed spurs conversation on campus

Same-sex parenting

Earlier this month Katy Faust, a blogger raised by same-sex parents, wrote an open letter to Justice Kennedy, a traditional swing vote in the Supreme Court. In the letter, which has been shared more than 270,000 times, she argues that same-sex marriage presents inherent disadvantages to children. Because same-sex partners cannot have children in a conventional fashion, the institutionalization of same-sex marriage would “guarantee” that a child would be denied a “natural right” to be raised by his or her biological parents, “whether by adoption, divorce or third-party reproduction.” While Faust concedes that LGBTQ individuals should receive all of the … Continue reading Same-sex parenting