On Russian foreign policy

The foreign policy actions Russia has taken — whether in the days of the Czars, the Soviet Union or even the modern Russian Federation — tend to confound foreigners. “Paranoid Ivan” is a term that gets thrown around, reflecting the confusion Western policymakers experience at the siege mentality of their Russian counterparts. Why do they do what they do? Why did Russia react to the collapse of the Ukrainian government with intervention, invasion and denial? The answer perhaps lies in history and geography. Take a look at a map of the world. Russia is one of the more noticeable countries … Continue reading On Russian foreign policy

NATO broadens sanctions against Russia

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ The U.S., along with help from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), broadened sanctions against Russia last week. NATO leaders met for a summit in Wales to discuss a possible ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia as a hiatus to the fighting that has been occurring since March. The ceasefire follows talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Putin devised a seven-point plan for the truce which included the Ukrainian government forces pulling back to a distance that would make artillery fire against civilian areas impossible as well as prisoner exchange, among … Continue reading NATO broadens sanctions against Russia

Crisis in Crimea: on the brink of war?

Crimea, Ukraine. Until a couple of weeks ago, it was a small, unremarkable and unknown region for most Americans outside academic circles. But after the rising unrest in Kiev, Ukraine, Crimea made headlines as it voted on a referendum to secede and join Russia. The referendum was a move that was internationally denounced by the European Union, United States and Ukraine. But Russia embraced it both to punish Ukraine, whose revolution ousted a pro-Russian government, and to bolster and grow Russian power and interest. Yet this isn’t the first time Russia has played this game. In 2008, Georgia lost regions … Continue reading Crisis in Crimea: on the brink of war?