Editors-in-chief reflect on year

The bittersweet nature of ever-changing communities I’ve read many senior columns throughout the course of my time at Xavier. I’ve edited some, been present when a few were written and read three out-going editor-in-chief columns. I never thought the time would come when I would have to write my own, when I would be on this side of this particular column. Everyone approaches this column differently. Some share a great, profound piece of wisdom, others take the time to thank those who have affected them positively throughout their time at Xavier and some wax nostalgic about how fast the time … Continue reading Editors-in-chief reflect on year


By: Sabrina Brown ~Editor-in-Chief~   Small college. Relatively close to home. And I was looking for a Catholic school. I came here for the reason that probably brought in most stu­dents in those days,” retiring Professor of English Dr. John … Continue reading Getz

Dirty, angry feminism

I am a feminist, and I believe in the power of the feminist movement. Gloria Steinem once said that “a feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” Steinem and her predecessors make that movement possible. On March 25, Steinem turned 80. In her lifetime, the feminist movement has come a long way. Throughout the last 80 years, we’ve seen The Feminine Mystique, Roe v. Wade, Rosie the Riveter and the third wave of feminism, to cite a few. That being said, feminism has a long way to go. We still live in a … Continue reading Dirty, angry feminism