Crisis in Crimea: on the brink of war?

Crimea, Ukraine. Until a couple of weeks ago, it was a small, unremarkable and unknown region for most Americans outside academic circles. But after the rising unrest in Kiev, Ukraine, Crimea made headlines as it voted on a referendum to secede and join Russia. The referendum was a move that was internationally denounced by the European Union, United States and Ukraine. But Russia embraced it both to punish Ukraine, whose revolution ousted a pro-Russian government, and to bolster and grow Russian power and interest. Yet this isn’t the first time Russia has played this game. In 2008, Georgia lost regions … Continue reading Crisis in Crimea: on the brink of war?

Letter to the Editor: In response to McMahon’s “Subsidized preschools?”

By: Josh Sabo First, we have to applaud McMahon’s observation of the importance of culture with regards to education in America. Culture is certainly the problem. However, what McMahon means to critique — albeit, in a limited way — becomes part of a culture of negativity in reaction to education policy. This culture believes that no first step is capable unless it radically reorganizes our approach to education. We must ask, however, why support of a policy can’t illustrate a shift in cultural values towards education. The broad support for expanding access to preschool is representative of an attitude shift … Continue reading Letter to the Editor: In response to McMahon’s “Subsidized preschools?”

Subsidized preschools?

A popular, complex issue is finally getting attention, but at the same time needs popular rethinking President Obama delivered his State of the Union address on Jan. 28 in which he made high-quality preschools for every American child a priority. This sparked several editorials in “The New York Times” arguing how great this program is, how under-funded it will become and how little we actually know about early education. Universal preschool is one of those rare issues in modern politics that has strong bi-partisan support, drawing from 60 percent of Republicans and 84 percent of Democrats. In 2009, the Organisation … Continue reading Subsidized preschools?