Students honor Dr. King

By: Sean McMahon ~Staff Writer~ 28 Xavier students joined hundreds of Cincinnati locals in the Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition’s 39th annual Commemorative March to kickoff Xavier’s Martin Luther King Jr. Week. This week the Multicultural, Gender, and Women’s Center is sponsoring events commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message and life. Hundreds of Cincinnatians met outside the Freedom Center to listen to several community leaders share their thoughts about King, including Xavier’s Rabbi Abie Ingber and Waleed El-Ansary of the theology department. “We bring students here so they can get a feel for what it was like back then, … Continue reading Students honor Dr. King

Left, Right and Satire

2014. It is the year for midterm elections. In about 10 months we will go to polling places and give our voice to the democratic system. That is, if we go at all. But should we go if we don’t stay tuned in with global and national events? Our votes should be informed, of course. Casting votes blindly is irresponsible. And this year we are electing our senators, representatives and governors. It is not as sexy as a presidential election, but it is more important. Congress is the lawmaking body of our country, and our choices here will have the … Continue reading Left, Right and Satire

“Movember” is about the people, not your half-grown moustache

By: Sean McMahon As I look around, I see men and boys walking around with scruffy, unshaven faces. Welcome to “No-Shave November,” or “Movember.” But what is it all about? Movember started in the late ’90s as a way to raise awareness for male-specific cancers, such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Today, a quick Google search shows a number of organizations that have adopted No-Shave November as a means for their own fundraising, such as the American Cancer Society. But chances are if you ask anyone trying to grow out a beard what this month is about, they will … Continue reading “Movember” is about the people, not your half-grown moustache