Disparities in academic advising

A look into alleged discrimination against students of color in advising BY SEAN WALULIK, staff writer This piece was originally published with a photo from xavier.edu of an academic advisor that was not a subject of the article. Amidst nationwide calls for justice, minority students at Xavier have begun to speak out, bringing attention to instances of discrimination within academic advising.  Discrimination in academic advising takes the form of advisors, consciously or unconsciously, allowing beliefs about a particular race, gender, socioeconomic status or any other group, to alter the recommendations that they make to students.  These preconceived notions may result … Continue reading Disparities in academic advising

Alternative Breaks looks to retool

Without a spring break, the service experience seeks alternative options written By: sean Walulik, staff writer   With the announcement of Xavier’s spring academic calendar last week, including the cancellation of spring break, Alternative Breaks (AB), one of the largest student groups on campus, was left to adjust their plans for the continuation of the program.  AB is now shortening the programs typically carried out over the course of Xavier’s week-long spring break, to single-weekend experiences.  With travel being a significant challenge during the pandemic, AB has shifted its focus to staying local.  The program will offer experiences in both … Continue reading Alternative Breaks looks to retool