Trapped in a cage of silence

By: Eseoghene Obrimah ~Guest Writer~ “She has a nice a!$, but her face ruins it.” “You would make a good wife, but my kids can’t be skinny.” “It’s Adam and Eve, not Eve and Adam.” I usually stay silent when I hear these things. Some days I don’t speak up because I’m scared of being the only one who sees the problem. Some days it’s because I don’t want to play into the stereotype of the angry Black woman. Some days I’m too baffled by the fact that someone felt entitled enough to give their unsolicited judgment on my ability … Continue reading Trapped in a cage of silence

Advice: Politeness doesn’t hurt A defense of political correctness

By: Luke Byerly ~Copy Editor~ In light of the recent primary election and the rise of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, the issue of political correctness has entered into a strange gray area. Trump does not worry about being politically correct. In fact, he admits to thinking political correctness is a problem in modern politics. What’s more concerning, however, is the warm reception this has with people, some of whom applaud Trump’s disregard for being politically correct. We use politically correct terms to not offend people or groups in our society. Not using politically correct terms doesn’t mean people are trying … Continue reading Advice: Politeness doesn’t hurt A defense of political correctness

Xavier Art

By: Charlotte Cheek ~Staff Writer~ From ceramics and sculpture to painting and textiles, true art comes in many forms. Students who participate in the Xavier art department have always created beautiful and interesting projects utilizing these different methods. The inspiration for the following projects, however, may be as unique as the projects and artists themselves. While many Xavier students prepare for research papers and standardized tests, senior Sarah Sager is working on her very unique senior thesis. “I came into Xavier knowing that this is what I wanted to do,” Sager, a fine arts major with a concentration in painting, … Continue reading Xavier Art