When Is It Time To Take Down The Holiday Decorations?

By: Shannon Price ~Guest Writer~ It is the age-old (or perhaps just as old as Hallmark) question: when is it time to take down the holiday decorations? Is it when the carolers stop coming? Is it when flowers begin to sprout and your neighbors cease pretending they aren’t judging you? Here’s your answer: the lights can stay. But those inflatables? They have got to go by the New Year. Lights can be classy. They don’t even have to be Christmas specific. If you need proof of that, follow an RA on room inspections. They’re taking down those beautiful little fire … Continue reading When Is It Time To Take Down The Holiday Decorations?

5 Ways To Procrastinate This Fall

By: McKenzi Monday and Shannon Price ~Guest Writer~ Hey there Musketeers! We’ve prepared this list of ways to have fun and procrastinate in the fall. Keep in mind that this is the season for apple wine, so some of our tips might be more legitimate than others. 1) Enjoy the fact that it is no longer swelteringly hot! When Cincinnati gets its one annual inch of snow and the city completely shuts down (and your Kroger runs out of bread and eggs, everyone forgets how to drive and UC cancels classes while Xavier doesn’t), you’ll be missing these semi-sunny and … Continue reading 5 Ways To Procrastinate This Fall