Back Page 01/11/23

The Dupe Page By Spencer de Tenley, Multimedia Managing Editor Just because one thing resembles another does not make it a dupe. The definition of dupe (noun) is as follows: a victim of deception. You are a victim of deception, a cog in the influencer capitalist scheming TikTok specified For You Page scheme. TikTok is designed so that you never stop scrolling, and LinkTree is designed so that you know where to spend your money in 10 different places all at once. Your e.l.f lip gloss that was $3 is not the same as the Dior Lip Oil that costs … Continue reading Back Page 01/11/23

Staff predictions

Spencer De Tenley: “Hope we make the tourney”  Charlie Gstalder: “I predict the teams going to win 13 games in conference and qualify for the tournament as an 11th seed where they will lose in the second round” Chloe Salveson: “Uhh after we win the whole thing, the student section will flood the court and throw the basketball (rim? Backboard? Thingy?) into the Ohio River”  Ethan Nichols: “I fully expect Xavier to make it to final four this year. The era of Sean Miller has returned and merely being graced with his presence guarantees a win” Continue reading Staff predictions

Wasson Way set to connect Xavier

By Spencer de Tenley and Lucy Kramer, Multimedia Managing Editor and Staff Writer The Wasson Way trail expansion is quickly approaching, with a connection coming right through Xavier.  The new connection has raised some concerns over the possibility of gentrification in neighborhoods surrounding Xavier.   The frequently used section of trail near campus that runs parallel to Dana Avenue will continue construction in the coming months with a new part that “will go west of campus on an uninhabited part of campus in Evanston and north Avondale,” Sean V. McGrory, a member of the Wasson Way Board of Directors, stated.  Xavier … Continue reading Wasson Way set to connect Xavier