Staff editorial: election missteps

By: Editorial Staff ~Newswire~ Last week’s SGA election was a turning point for student government at Xavier. Caleb, Quigley and Kiana (CQK) were elected with only 8 percent of the undergraduate student body vote. This situation justifies the need for a frank discussion about the future of civic affairs on Xavier’s campus. Following the election, the Newswire reviewed the process and was saddened by the events that led up to the vote. Several major organizations on campus, the Newswire included, failed in their obligations to inform and engage the student body. This is no way meant as a criticism of … Continue reading Staff editorial: election missteps

Staff editorial: SGA endorsement Our perception on the SGA election and CQK

By: Staff Editorial This year’s Student Government Association (SGA) election brings changes to the voting process and the Newswire’s method of endorsing a ticket. In prior years, students have a full semester to prepare for the election season and typically choose from a pool of two or more SGA tickets. This year, the Newswire staff met with the sole ticket running for the SGA executive positions. Similar to previous years, the editorial staff conducted a thorough review of the candidates’ credentials and proposals. This editorial will provide a grading rubric for how the staff evaluated the candidates’ platform ideas. The … Continue reading Staff editorial: SGA endorsement Our perception on the SGA election and CQK

Staff editorial: basketball 101

The Newswire has, unfortunately, addressed this topic before. And only two years ago, to boot. Apparently, women know nothing about sports. Or, in a much more likely scenario, Xavier athletics know nothing about women, taking into account the fact that most women know at least something about sports. We took a poll in the office. Of our editors who happen to be women, all of them have been graced with more experience in sports than at least three of our male editors. We were almost surprised. Yes, we know, Xavier Basketball 101 for Women is for genteel housewives, not us … Continue reading Staff editorial: basketball 101