Staff editorial: Planned Parenthood

At the end of October, the last clinic where abortions are performed in Cincinnati, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Mount Auburn, was cited by the Ohio health department and could close in the near future. Last year, a law was passed in the state of Ohio that requires clinics that perform abortions to have agreements with private hospitals to transfer patients in case of emergencies. Allegedly, the Mount Auburn clinic did not meet the requirements of this law. Regardless of one’s opinion on abortion, the way that the media has portrayed this situation is deplorable. Planned Parenthood is not just … Continue reading Staff editorial: Planned Parenthood

Staff Editorial: Please critique responsibly

The Newswire office has no shortage of snark. This may be because we’re a bunch of English majors with virtually zero applicable skills aside from verbal sparring. But we have a hard time believing that campus newspaper employees are any more ornery than their peers. In fact, it seems to us that Generation Y as a whole is well-versed in negativity and fluent in sarcasm. Let’s be honest: it’s easy to be critical. We point out the flaws in professors, assignments, administrators, policies, programs, the budget, campus events, even local apartment complexes. You’d be lying if you said you’ve never … Continue reading Staff Editorial: Please critique responsibly

Staff Editorial: “Xavier bubble” inflates

Last year, students protested the construction of a fence around the campus basketball courts, arguing that the fence was a symbol of Xavier’s failure to live in solidarity and community with the surrounding neighborhoods. This past summer, another wall was built between Xavier and the Norwood community. Although the University Station complex does not serve as a physical barrier, it is a towering emblem of Xavier’s continued withdrawal from the community of which it claims to be a part. As the apartments are not owned by the university, they offer the ease of campus housing without the bothersome boundaries and … Continue reading Staff Editorial: “Xavier bubble” inflates