Winter Weather

Both the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Public Schools closed their doors on account of cold weather Jan. 27 and 28. Temperatures dropped below zero, notwithstanding wind chill. Xavier stayed open with only minor delays on Jan. 23 and Jan. 28. The decision for calling a snow day is a joint process involving Provost Scott Chadwick, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Beth Amyot, Physical Plant and Xavier University Police Department. The decision involves safety conditions on campus and in Greater Cincinnati. At temperatures recorded this week — zero degrees Fahrenheit and below — and a mild wind — … Continue reading Winter Weather

Staff Editorial: Campus Shootings

Gunfire broke out in the Electrical Engineering Building on Purdue University’s campus on Jan. 21. The gunman killed one person and was taken into police custody only minutes later. The shooting at Purdue is the latest in a sprawling national trend that, seemingly, no one can address effectively. Unfortunately, this news doesn’t surprise us. School shootings, once a startling tragedy, have become commonplace in the United States. Even two years ago, most of us would have struggled to name more than a few. Now, all of us can probably list off more than five, and easily at that. The New … Continue reading Staff Editorial: Campus Shootings

Staff Editorial: Black Thursday is the ultimate Thanksgiving experience

Somehow, in the course of the last decade, Thanksgiving has markedly changed. In contrast with the long, tranquil Thanksgiving weekends of years past spent with friends and family, this year we are ready to embrace an emerging, but super fun and trendy new activity: Black Thursday. Yes, the emergence of Cyber Monday was all the rage only a few years ago, but as poor college students and often employees of those big box stores, we could not be more excited about Black Thursday. Instead of embracing the darkness of the back of our eyelids during a food coma and watching … Continue reading Staff Editorial: Black Thursday is the ultimate Thanksgiving experience