Love, Hate

By: Taylor Fulkerson The remarks of friends who graduated only this May still haunt me: “This university is not the same place now that it was when I first came here.” And another friend mentioned that, “If I had known that Xavier would turn into what it is now, I would not have come here.” This university is a place I both love and hate. I love the community of people that exists here but I hate the institution that casts its long shadow over the rapidlychanging place that is Xavier. Why? The administration of this university is inflated, sees … Continue reading Love, Hate

Student groups sponsor the Week of Welcome

By: Jenny Mendoza The Week of Welcome (WoW) is a week of free events welcoming first-year and transfer students to campus and welcoming back returning students. Activities and events range from cookouts on the Xavier Yard to recreational sports tournaments to free entertainment such as concerts, comedians and much more. This year’s WoW runs from Aug. 25 through Sept. 3. Below is a list of selected events throughout the week. A full list of activities offered during this week can be found on the Office of Student Involvement’s website. Selected events: Sunday, August 25: Meijer shopping shuttle, Husman parking lot … Continue reading Student groups sponsor the Week of Welcome

Commitment to a future

By: Taylor Fulkerson Most of us here at Xavier have been around the block a time or two or three. If you consider a block as one academic year, I was apprehensive, nervous, and severely over-enthusiastic two blocks ago. I am sure that almost any upperclassman on this campus can tell you a cliché story about a decision in his or her first year, one that affected the rest of his or her college career, his or her life, etc. In reality, everything in college is a commitment to some future: the friends with whom you choose to spend your … Continue reading Commitment to a future