Winter Soldier proves to be a Win for Disney+

By Aidan Callahan, Back Page Editor The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has come to an end, and now all episodes are available to stream on Disney+. Keeping in line with my WandaVision review, I am going to offer up a spoiler-free review for those who haven’t seen it yet, and then a look back for those of us who have.   Spoiler-Free Review This show is for you if you love explosive action, the classic buddy-cop formula, heavy-hitting political themes or any combination of the three.   The action takes up a lot of screen time, but they make sure it’s … Continue reading Winter Soldier proves to be a Win for Disney+

Disney delivers another masterpiece in “Frozen”

By: Alex Spindler Despite what the title may suggest, Disney’s 53rd full-length animated feature, “Frozen,” packs a soaring, heat-infused punch that warms the heart of any movie-goer. “Frozen” bases its narrative on the Danish fairytale, “The Snow Queen,” by Hans Christian Andersen. This story weaves together the tale of two royal sisters. Elsa, played by Broadway diva Idina Menzel, must learn to live in solitude, devoid of her sister’s love because of her deadly powers to make ice and snow. Anna, played by romantic-comedy favorite Kristen Bell, only wishes to find love and to reconnect with the sister she once … Continue reading Disney delivers another masterpiece in “Frozen”