XU joins in on TikTok fun with official account

By tyler Clifton, Newswire Live Show Manager The Muskies have decided to renegade their way onto the TikTok scene. The university has created a TikTok account in an effort to highlight the Xavier experience in a way that would better connect with the next generation of students.  The account was created by Digital and Social Media Strategist Steph Fiorelli in December 2021. She believes it gives the university a good way to connect with current as well as potential students. “We’re trying to show that Xavier is a fun place to be, to show the fun things that you can … Continue reading XU joins in on TikTok fun with official account

Lost family painting finally returned

By Tyler Clifton, Newswire Live Show Manager A painting from 1913 which was stolen from its owners by Nazi Germany has been returned to the descendants of the original owners. The painting, “Flowers,” is an expressionist work painted by Lovis Corinth. This is the first instance where a painting that was looted from a Jewish family was returned by the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.  Expressionist paintings have the goal of expressing the painter’s emotions on the subject of the artwork. The paintings use distorted forms and harsh colors to convey feeling and emotion directly to the viewer. A notable … Continue reading Lost family painting finally returned

Pro-life vandalism continues

By Hunter Ellis and Tyler Clifton, Multimedia Managing Editor and Staff Writer A series of counter-protests and incidents of vandalism have transpired the past 36 hours in response to a pro-life display erected by Xavier’s chapters of Students for Life (S4L) and Network of Enlightened Women (NeW).  The first incident of vandalism occurred on Wednesday night sometime before 2 a.m. XUPD was dispatched at 3:26 a.m. and responded to the incident at 3:35 a.m. by reassembling the display. By 9 a.m. the next morning, however, the signs were taken down again. S4L responded to this incident themselves, reassembling the signs … Continue reading Pro-life vandalism continues