Seeking moral ground: regarding ROTC

By: Taylor Fulkerson The social memory of American Catholics has always seemed to be lacking on the Catholic side; that is to say, most American Catholics are thoroughly assimilated into American culture. In that light, I want to honor the memory of one particular American Jesuit, Father James Guadalupe Carney, S. J. Carney entered the Jesuits of the Missouri Province and, following a deep desire to do mission work, found his way to Honduras to work with the rural poor and form cooperatives. His work there eventually led to his expulsion from Honduras. He was killed in 1983 by a … Continue reading Seeking moral ground: regarding ROTC

The education bubble: why are we here?

By: Andrew Del Bene “You dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a $#!?@% education you coulda got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library.” – Will Hunting, “Good Will Hunting” (1997). While beyond genius-level intellects like that of Will Hunting, the character from the movie that bears his name, have existed in reality and arise once every dynasty (if you’ll forgive the “Mulan” reference), I think it’s safe to declare that intelligence on that level is not the norm. However, I think there is significant truth in his quotation concerning the value of a formal … Continue reading The education bubble: why are we here?