University transitions to new Core

By: Justin Worthing ~Staff Writer~ Students, staff and faculty are beginning the transition to Xavier’s new Core structure, which was approved by staff and the Board of Trustees last April. Although the structure of the Core and the requirements it holds have been approved, new Core classes must still be created. Staff and faculty selected the new Core, currently entitled Core B, by vote last semester, with 85% supporting it over alternative Core A. Core B specializes in promoting “depth of thought through broad exposure to ways of knowing, or Perspectives, of traditional liberal arts disciplines.” The new Core requires … Continue reading University transitions to new Core

University to found new school

By: Rich Meyers ~Staff Writer~ A new opportunity for students interested in pursuing a degree in the fine arts will be coming to Xavier through a new School of Arts and Innovation that will be created on campus. “The School of Arts and Innovation will be housed within the College of Arts and Sciences,” Xavier’s Provost and Chief Financial Officer Scott Chadwick said. “This new school will include the departments of Art, Digital Video and Film and Music and Theatre. The school will also house the Innovation Engineering (IE) minor once the curricular approval process has been completed.” The creation … Continue reading University to found new school

Staff Editorial: Campus Shootings

Gunfire broke out in the Electrical Engineering Building on Purdue University’s campus on Jan. 21. The gunman killed one person and was taken into police custody only minutes later. The shooting at Purdue is the latest in a sprawling national trend that, seemingly, no one can address effectively. Unfortunately, this news doesn’t surprise us. School shootings, once a startling tragedy, have become commonplace in the United States. Even two years ago, most of us would have struggled to name more than a few. Now, all of us can probably list off more than five, and easily at that. The New … Continue reading Staff Editorial: Campus Shootings