We want to see a change

By: Alex Hale It is an understatement to say that most people are sick of politics right now. The two major political candidates for the presidency have the highest unfavorable ratings in the history of modern polling, and most students who didn’t support either candidate in the primaries are left feeling ripped off in the first election they are eligible to vote. However, as negative as everything seems in that realm, there are still good things going on in the world of public policy and social justice of which every single Xavier student can be a part. All it takes … Continue reading We want to see a change

A white-washed Jesuit education

By: Taylor Zachary ~Staff Writer~ On January 17, the Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ) held a racial justice event in the Clock Tower to discuss the intersections between faith and social justice. The Xavier community and members from surrounding areas joined the conversation. I sat amongst my community as we listened to a panel, comprised of a Black DDI student, a white theology faculty member and a CFJ staff member, share testimonies about their engagements with faith, race and economic justice. After the monologues, the facilitator opened the space for questions. I raised my hand. I prefaced my question with … Continue reading A white-washed Jesuit education

The danger in encouraging victim blaming A rebuttal to a recent opinion about police brutality

By: Taylor Zachary In a recent edition of the Newswire, Brittany Welch provided Xavier students with a “different perspective on police brutality,” regarding the incidents surrounding Officer Ben Fields versus a non-participatory student in a South Carolina high school classroom. She explicitly urged America to “think before you judge,” and informed us that “the student 16-year-old girl is still at fault.” In an effort to preserve the acute level of temperance I still possess as a Black male at a predominantly white institution, I will not expend my emotional energy discussing the state of police brutality versus Black and Brown … Continue reading The danger in encouraging victim blaming A rebuttal to a recent opinion about police brutality