Lana returns to her classic sound in new album

By: Zenab Saeed ~Staff Writer~ On Sept. 19, Lana Del Rey released her highly anticipated fourth studio album. “Honeymoon” showcases the hauntingly melodic songs expected of Del Rey, but with an even more emotional and hazy soundscape on its 14 tracks. The album follows Del Rey’s 2014 release, “Ultraviolence,” which received tremendous critical acclaim and success with singles like “West Coast” and “Brooklyn Baby” and introduced the Grammy-nominated singer to a broader audience. After releasing her debut album, “Lana Del Rey” on the iTunes Store in 2010, Del Rey also found success in her popular 2012 album “Born to Die.” Released … Continue reading Lana returns to her classic sound in new album

Staff Editorial: Campus Shootings

Gunfire broke out in the Electrical Engineering Building on Purdue University’s campus on Jan. 21. The gunman killed one person and was taken into police custody only minutes later. The shooting at Purdue is the latest in a sprawling national trend that, seemingly, no one can address effectively. Unfortunately, this news doesn’t surprise us. School shootings, once a startling tragedy, have become commonplace in the United States. Even two years ago, most of us would have struggled to name more than a few. Now, all of us can probably list off more than five, and easily at that. The New … Continue reading Staff Editorial: Campus Shootings