Withrow High School vandalized with slurs

By: Ellen Siefke ~Head Copy Editor~ A protest was held at Withrow High School on Monday in response to vandalism that occurred over the weekend. According to WLWT5, various slurs, swastikas and the word “Trump” were spraypainted across the campus, and buildings, sidewalks and signs alike were all targeted. The community gathered together to remove the graffiti on Sunday. Classes resumed on Monday as normal. Junior public relations major Kaelan Doolan attended the protests along with a friend from UC. He initially learned of the incident on Twitter. After an email from the Black Student Association (BSA) regarding both the … Continue reading Withrow High School vandalized with slurs

Muskie Tigers offer counsel to Withrow int’l students

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~ Five days after the Paris terrorist attacks, Ohio Governor John Kasich wrote a letter to the president on Nov. 17, 2015 asking him to stop the flow of Syrian refugees to Ohio. Many of the terrorists had been linked to Syria through fake passports and backstories claiming their status as Syrian nationals, according to a BBC. In spite of all the national pushback on the status of refugees and the controversial issue of how the U.S. should lend them aid, Xavier students through a student organization called Muskie Tigers are doing all they can to … Continue reading Muskie Tigers offer counsel to Withrow int’l students

Muskie Tigers

By: Max Creager ~Staff Writer~ Muskie Tigers is a student run organization centered on tutoring, mentoring and integrating refugees studying at Withrow High School (WHS). The refugees come from very diverse backgrounds including Central Africa, Central and South America and Nepal. The organization started when a group of Xavier students, fulfilling the service-learning component of an immigration and ethics theology course, decided that building long-term relationships was an essential part of benefiting the students. Muskie Tigers “We emphasize building relationships because we think that has a huge impact on academic performance. They can open up and ask us real questions. … Continue reading Muskie Tigers